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Dr. Karen Mak cartoon

麥嘉慧(Karen博士、麥博)。自由科普作家/博客,亦是網絡科學節目中老是常出現的嘉賓/主持。科大畢業,曾任教本地與海外大學十七載。文章見於科學狗網站、《樂鋒報》、《良友之聲》;著有生物科技時光機——當科幻成為事實》、《微生物大聯盟》、《Karen博士21個海洋大探索》,譯有《卡通生物科技》。她亦有在自己的PatreonIG面書和 YouTube 頻道傳遞科學知識

Karen Mak has been a science educator since she finished her PhD at HKUST in 2004. She has been actively contributing to popsci where she can be found as a popular guest host in various media outlets to explain everyday, sometimes profound, science. An English book entitled ‘Biotechnology in Cartoons’ was translated into Cantonese by her. To help her fans to understand the scientific world, she has her own Patreon, ig account, FaceBook page and YouTube channel.

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